Kid Mania in Plano TX

7252 Chase Oaks Blvd
Plano, Texas 75025
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* Paid Entry
* Multi-Level Climbing Maze
* Arcade with tickets & prizes
* Restaurant
* Lots of seating
* Separate Toddler Play
* Socks Required!

Panoramic View from 2nd level

(L) Enclosed Parents Only Area, (R) Arcade on 2nd level with additional seating

Lots of Seating, cafe in the background, stairs leading to parents are and arcade.  Inset is a grilled cheese kids meal.

Entrance and Exit along with prize bins.

Climb, Climb, Climb!

A place for the littles.

Super-Sized PlayPlace
Reviewed by Amy

Kid Mania is a new indoor play structure for kids of all ages.  It opened in the spring of 2013 and is located near Cinemark Legacy on 75 and Legacy.  At the time of review admission is free for infants, ages 1-2 is $3, ages 3-18 is $6 and 19+ is $1.  You can also buy season and yearly passes for individuals or families!  Socks are required to play.  They offer a HUGE play maze that all ages can climb through (yes you mom!) as well as a separate 3 and under maze for the littles.  There is plenty of seating and a restaurant with a pretty large selection of food (think pizza, nachos, grilled cheese, hot dogs, hamburgers and even Philly Cheese-steaks, Taco Salads, Chicken Cesar Salads and more) prices weren't unreasonable with $4.99 kids meals.  Refills cost though and your kids will work up a thirst!  There is no water fountain but you can get a glass of water for free.  Outside food/drink is not allowed in.  They do a safety kid check at the door (similar to chuck e cheese) where they give everyone a glowing number and they check you on the way out to make sure you aren't leaving with the wrong kids.  Also in the building is an arcade run with a card system (swipe your card to play), there are mini rides and games, some of which give you tickets so there are prizes to be won.  There are six party rooms for birthday parties, and starting at $89 one of the more reasonable priced party options in the area I thought.  And last but not least is the adult area, enclosed from the noise, free wi-fi, no kids allowed with a view over everything.  Ahhhh.  Maybe someday.

There is so much I liked about this place.  Everything is new, it's so nice playing in a brand new playplace!  There are tons of places to climb, slide, jump and even things to ride.  Every kid I saw running through there was having a blast.  Even better the entire structure is pretty much a no hide zone.  Although it was hard to keep track of 3 kids (5 if you count my friends) there are very few places you can't see your kids.  You can almost pretty much sit at a table, stay there and always see them.  When I did climb up I didn't feel too claustrophobic in it!  The slides were especially fun.

And despite there being a whole arcade it seemed like most kids were a lot more interested in climbing than anything else.  Even my own 6 year old who'd normally beg to play the games asked only once and never again when told "No".  If I had gone alone with him though I think he probably would have wanted to venture that way more.  As with most anything, it's always more fun to play with friends.  We stayed long enough to eat and between my friend and I we tried the grilled cheese (what all my kids wanted) and a cheese pizza.  The serving sizes were good and the fries were tasty.  I got mixed reviews from my kids on the quality of the grilled cheese, but they are grilled cheese snobs (if it's not Sonic they are probably going to turn their nose).  My friend said the pizza wasn't bad either.  There was no free refills on sodas, but refills did only cost .25-.50 cents.

As much as I love a kid check upon exiting I thought it could be more secure.  We were checked but I'm not 100% certain she was really looking at the number and not just going through the motions.  And there were times there wasn't anyone by the door and I think you could just walk right out.  I love that they offer this service and I hope it becomes more secure.  There were a lot of kids who slipped in their socks on the tile around the play structure.  One mom there mentioned wearing grip socks which I thought was a great idea (too late for us).  One of my girls did manage to get a foot stuck in the netting while climbing.  She wasn't in danger and probably could have pulled it out herself if she tried.  She has super small feet though, I can't imagine most 5+ year olds to be able to get a foot stuck.  And I did hear one mom complain about the size of the toddler area.  I guess compared to the rest of the facility it was small.  I'm not sure if I would go there with the intent of just letting my toddler play in that one area.  But if you have big kids who are enjoying running around I think this is a great place to corral your littles.  All in all though, I plan on going back!

g1nge  – (June 17, 2014 at 10:12 PM)  

Just wanna say that I love your blog!!! Now that my son is going on play dates, it has been an excellent source for reviewing possible play areas before we arrive. Keep up the great work! :)

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