Indoor Safari Park in Plano, TX

6205 Coit Road, Suite 200
Plano, Texas 75024
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* Paid Entry ($9.99 per child)
* Mini Golf
* Climb Towers
* Indoor Train
* Mechanical Animal Rides
* Park benches for you to rest while your kids play
* Concession, Toy Store

Train Ride

Mechanical Animal Ride

Two climb structures.
Clockwise:  Imaginative Play Area, Toddler Area, Ball Pit, Mini Golf
Toy Store and Concessions

A Preschool Jungle
Reviewed by Amy

Indoor Safari Park is located in a strip mall on the NW corner of Spring Creek and Coit.  It just opened up in Plano in mid May so at the time of this writing it's not very crowded.  There is a $9.99  fee per child, adults get in free (I am confirming the age of children who must have a paid admittance).  Included in the price is 2 train rides, robotic animal ride, unlimited access to play area and mini golf.  For $14.99 your child can also do some ceramic painting.  There are two climb structures that have multiple slides (one into a ball pit) and a trampoline.  They are open 10:00-7:00 Mon thru Thurs, 10:00-8:00 Fri and Sat, and 12:00-6:00 on Sunday.  There is no child check here (like they do at Chuck E Cheese where you know nobody can just walk out with your child).  The venue also offers birthday parties

I visited Indoor Safari Park with my 4 year old and he absolutely loved it.  He enjoyed the mini golf, although it was probably the most boring mini golf course I'd ever seen.  And I think he could have ran around in the two climb structures for hours.  My favorite part of the climb structures was that all areas were easily accessible by little ones who might not have the strength and height that other structures require to get into (like at McDonalds).  And probably even more important was that the mesh around the equipment allowed you to pretty easily see where you child is and what they're doing.  The trampoline was a lot of fun and although I didn't play on any of the equipment I saw other adults doing so and nobody got chased off.  There is a 2.5 and under toddler play area that is sectioned off as well.  I imagine my girls who just turned 2 would think it was alright but would rather go play on the bigger equipment after about 10 minutes.  With your admittance fee you get two rides on the train.  A Safari Park worker will guide your children through the jungle and ask questions about stuffed animals (and one lone dinosaur) that sit in the center of the circle.  This is kind of comical to an adult because the track circle is small and you really need to have an imagination that you're riding it through the jungle.  The kids loved it though and that's all that matters.  In another corner there are mechanical animals (and a dinosaur) that your kids can ride, even I think they look like a lot of fun.  The play area also includes an imagination hands on center which is basically a bunch of train tables set up with a lot of neat toys on them.  My son however never even looked at this section, maybe because he had some of the same setups at home.  There is a ceramic center where you can pay a few more dollars and your child can paint a cermaic animal.  A small toy store and concession area round out the place.  I didn't notice much in the concession area other than drinks and prepackaged things like drinks and snacks.

All in all I really liked this place and am excited to go back with my 2 year olds.  I do not however think it'd be worth the $30 it would cost me to bring all 3 of my children.  Maybe on the hottest or wettest day of the year if we were having cabin fever I might splurge.  I'm hoping that coupons to get in are easily found, they recently had a two for one groupon that I managed to get.  If you can get a price break (especially if you're paying for multiple children) it'd be a fun place to spend a hot Texas morning.

** 7/13/11 Update**
An entry fee is required for any child who can walk.  Age limit is 12 but when I asked the lady working behind the counter she said she didn't see many that old.  We were there today during prime time (hot summer day no school) and I think I saw a few kids who were probably up to age 10 but most the kids were probably 5 and under.  It wasn't overly crowded either, plenty of room for kids to play and not be on top of each other.  Another thing I noticed is that they did offer pizza along with all the drinks and snacks.

Catherine and Todd  – (October 23, 2011 at 6:00 PM)  

I was there on a busy day, and the girl running the mechanical animals cut my little girl's ride short because of all the kids and was kind of rude about it. And my little girl was so excited about riding the animal, so I was a little disappointed for her. Probably will not go back. Not worth the money.

SH  – (March 31, 2012 at 9:51 PM)  

I had my 3 year old's birthday party at the Plano location - WORST experience of my life. DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE!!!! DO NOT TAKE YOUR CHILDREN HERE!! The people are rude, disorganized, and the owner is the most horrible business owner I have ever met. From the moment we got there it was afwul. It was disorganzed, the party room had not been cleaned from the previous party I had to track someone down to help me - there was cake and napkins and garbage every where, this left me about 10 minutes to get my party set-up, i ordered balloons I had to ask where they were and when someone brought them, they were already droppy. I ordered chicken salad sandwiche's which they sat in the room for an hour ( we didnt eat them they looked a little suspect even upon arrival), they forgot to order my pizza - when I had spoke to Asmita twice during the week regarding our food order, once to place the order and then she called 3 days later to ask if I was going to place an order (?). The pizza was never ordered (?) and we didnt know until it was time to go into our party room, so we decided to let the kids play a little longer, but the pizza didnt arrive until after closing (6pm on Sat) and the kids were tired and hungry. An employee told me yeah .. Asmita causes a lot of trouble. I also had ordered chicken nuggets, but we received popcorn nuggets - they were gross. I had no way to serve them, so I had to use a papertowel (that I brought). Our assigned party hostess said it was her first day and i overheard her tell someone else she had not been trained on parties. She had all the kids in the mechancial animal area ridinig the toys one at a time, when I realized what she was doing and that this was going to take too long (35 minutes with 12 kids all having to sit ) I ask her to call for some help, another girl came very reluctantly and never smiled for these kids. After when the owner AJ (CJ ?) came in and I "started" to tell him how awful this experience had been HE PUT HIS HAND IN MY FACE! He never apologized. I walked out. As I was headed toward the door I told him he could keep my deposit, but that was it and he YELLED at me. I was pretty shook up and could not get to the door quick enough to get out of there. I would NEVER go to this place or have your childs birthday at this place! I was shocked and horifed by the owner's display - what a truely awful experience in my life!

Judy  – (September 10, 2014 at 6:53 AM)  

We went there a couple weeks ago and it was closed.

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