The Village Beach and Fountain in Fairview, TX

Located in the Village of Fairview shopping center near Stacy Rd and Central Expressway
Fairview, TX 75069
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* Sand Play Area
* Splash Fountain
* Street Parking

plenty of sand!

4 volleyball courts, small playground, horseshoe pits and tossing game all in the sand.

Small playground, park is fenced in but no gates.

Street between the Village Fountain and the Village Beach

Large fountain sits in front of Gloria's and The Purple Cow.  Large wall in the background at the top of the stage that kids love to run behind.

Reviewed by Amy

The Village Beach and The Village Fountain are both located in The Village at Fairview, and outdoor shopping mall.  They are separated by Fountain Court which is a street that runs through the shopping complex.  Parking is along this street and is extremely close to both attractions.  The Beach is all sand and offers 4 volleyball courts, 2 of which can be reserved.  There is a small playground, horseshoe pits, a tossing game and a shower to rinse off.  It is fenced off with 3 non gated entrances.  Across the street at the Fountain you are encouraged to get wet (from 9am-9pm)!  You don't even have to bring your own towel, complimentary ones are provided.  The Fountain offers astroturf and some picnic seating.  There is restraunt seating right there as well at Gloria's and The Purple Cow.  Public bathrooms are located down the street and not super convenient.

The day we went to this park was about 2 days after some heavy rain.  The park had yet to recover, the sand was really wet and all the volleyball courts were flooded.  Kids seemed to LOVE having 4 mini pools to splash around in.  And there were a LOT of kids.  I was surprised at how busy the park was for 10:00 in the morning on a very cool and windy day, but they just kept coming!  It was so busy we just checked it out and left.  But I'm assured by friends this is not always the case and their kids love the place.  I was quite disappointed with the play area though, I wasn't expecting a huge playground but was hoping for more than what was there.  It was basically two slides and a pole.

We ventured across the street to check out The Fountain which actually had a fair amount of people running through it for a cold windy morning.  The Fountain is wonderful, you can get really wet there.  The proximity to Gloria's and Purple Cow means you can make an afternoon of it and not have to pack a thing.  In the evening they also have animated water shows to popular music at 7pm and 9pm.  There is a large wall on the stage at the back of the fountain (you can see it in the picture) that a friend had warned me about, saying her child loved to run behind it and kids migrated there.  In fact when I was there I saw about 5 kids running circles around it.  It may seem harmless but when you have little kids I could see this wall being concern for parents, who knows what could go on back there given the Fountain is not just geared towards kids and moms.  Especially if you come later in the evening.

The Fountain is not fenced or gated off so if your kids are runners this may not be the place for you given the proximity to the road.  My son, who generally sticks to me like glue, actually ran across the road from The Beach to The Fountain and did not even realize that it was a road he was running across.  There is so much going on in this little corner that I fear a driver would not have time to react.  The streets and sidewalks are all brick and cobblestone and although very pretty but it's hard to tell where one ends and the other begins.  To me this is the biggest drawback about the whole place.  But despite this, if you have the eyes and have a talk with your kids about boundaries this little corner in an outdoor shopping mall could be a really fun place to visit.

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