Point North Park in Richardson, TX

Near Renner and Synergy Pkwy
Link to Map

* Off Street Parking
* Gravel Play Area
* Pavilion, Benches
* Athletic Fields
* Restrooms

Play area with athletic field in background.

Opposite view of play area.  Parking and water treatment facility in background.
Toddler play area sits way too high.

Restroom and ballfield.
For the Tall Toddlers
Reviewed by Amy

Point North Park is located off of Synergy Parkway near Renner Rd.  It offers two play structures, one for the bigs and one for the littles.  There is a pavilion, restroom and athletic fields at this park as well.  Parking is off street and the playground sits alongside University Trail.

This park could use some work.  The equipment is old and the gravel is everywhere.  But the thing that stuck out to me was the toddler play area.  It needs to be set into the ground some more because as it is my 4 year old has to put effort to crawl up on it.  I tried to take a picture of my son sitting on the end of the slide to show how high it is, if he stood next to it the end of the slide would be above his waist.  Getting up on the steps took him some effort and I imagine my actual toddlers would not be able to get up there without help at all.

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