Sunset Park in Plano, TX

McKamy Trail & Twin Oaks Dr

Plano TX, 75093
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Link to Plano Parks PDF Map

* Street Parking
* Wood Chip Play Area
* Pavilion, Benches, Drinking Fountain
* Multi-Use Court
* Practice Fields
* No Restroom

Pavilion, Playground, Ball Field and Basketball Court (behind sign)

Toddler Area, Big Kid Area, 2 baby swings, 2 regular swings (tire swing not in picture)

Alternate View
Fun Features

Good for Littles and Bigs
Reviewed by Amy

Sunset Park is in far West Plano near Windhaven and Midway.  It has a small play structure for ages 2-5 and a larger one for ages 5 to 12.  There are 2 regular swings, 2 toddler swings and a tire swing as well.  The park features a pavilion, non scheduled practice field and a multi-use (basketball) court.  It is set far from the road but Makamy Trail did seem to have quite a bit of traffic on it.

My son LOVED this park and exclaimed it the best park we had been to that day (we had gone to 6)!  He loved the older kids play structure and I thought it was a neat design too.  The only way up to the top level is by a ladder.  Which most toddlers have a hard time mastering so you don't have to worry so much if you have a little one.  They'll likely stay on the lower level and in the toddler play area as well.  There was a fun bouncing feature and a balance beam that twisted just a bit that somehow I couldn't get across but my son eventually mastered.  Per my son's request we MUST go back to this park.

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